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Terminal, Kraków***** Show***** ShowOur Flex To Go office is located in the arrivals terminal in the Rent a Car area.

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Krakow exudes historical beauty and artistic charm. As one of Poland's oldest and most important cultural centers, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Known for Wawel Castle, Main Market Square, and the unique atmosphere of the Old Town, Krakow is a true architectural and artistic gem.

Krakow-Balice Airport, the second-largest airport in Poland, offers connections to many European countries. Our car rental office is located in one of the terminals.

Renting a modern car for your stay in Krakow is the key to independence and comfort. Without waiting for public transport or a taxi, with Flex To Go, you are guaranteed to receive a ready-to-go car at the agreed-upon time.

The transportation flexibility provided by car rental allows you to explore the city according to your plan. Take advantage of easy online booking with Flex To Go and enjoy unrestricted mobility!


Błyskawiczny wynajem samochodów w Krakowie? Tylko Flex To Go

Podróżuj wygodnie po Krakowie dzięki wypożyczalni aut

Establishment Date1257
Surface Area326.85 km2

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