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About us

Flex To Go is more than just a car rental service. We are your partner in modern mobility, providing comfortable, safe, and stylish journeys across Poland and Germany! Our modern fleet includes various vehicle segments tailored to diverse traveler needs, offering small cars, compacts, luxury vehicles, and SUVs – all equipped with state-of-the-art solutions and a comprehensive insurance package, ready for your adventures!

We are a dynamic technology-oriented company specializing in car rental, addressing the growing mobility needs of European customers. 

Flex To Go rents cars and provides services on an impressive scale. Our company boasts numbers that speak to the trust of our customers:

💠 We've handled an impressive 460,000 operations at Polish and German airports, confirming our presence and commitment to the mobility sector.

💠 As one of the top three operators on Booking.com, we demonstrate a solid reputation as a reliable travel partner.

💠 Over 1,300,000 rental days sold reflect our commitment to delivering high-quality services at every journey stage.

💠 Our services are popular, evidenced by the 230,000 reservations we've handled for our customers.

These numbers not only reflect our achievements but also indicate the trust our customers place in us. Join the Flex To Go community and experience a new standard of mobility!

Our mission is to provide the most affordable car rental tailored to European customers' evolving needs. We achieve this through flexible rental offerings at airports and innovative subscription solutions.

Our vision is based on efficient revenue management through optimal fleet utilization, additional service sales, and a strategic pricing policy that offers a competitive alternative to cost optimization.

Join Flex To Go and experience travel without compromises. We are confident that our company guarantees mobility, comfort, and safety at every stage of your journey. Discover a new dimension of mobility and explore our wide range of offerings!

At Flex To Go, transparency and fairness are a priority. Before signing any agreement, each customer thoroughly reviews the offer, which remains valid throughout the rental period. We aim to provide you with a pleasant journey - free from hidden costs. Safety is a crucial value for us, and that's why each of our cars undergoes regular technical and maintenance inspections, ensuring a safe drive throughout the year, even in challenging road conditions.

Is it a last-minute situation? We offer short-term car rentals for those who want to travel on their schedule. Whether you need a replacement car or plan to expand your vehicle fleet temporarily, we're here to help.

Or are you interested in a longer-term rental? We also offer medium-term car rentals for individual customers, institutions, and businesses. It's the perfect solution for those who value stability and favorable conditions. New cars every six months, attractive insurance packages, and the option to end the rental at any time make traveling with Flex To Go a pleasure.

What sets us apart:

💠 We keep up with the latest technologies, providing customers with innovative solutions.

💠 Our fleet consists exclusively of new cars, a year old, ensuring the highest quality of travel.

💠 Our offering considers crew mobility and adapting to individual customer needs.

💠 The price of our services is flexible and tailored to the customer's financial capabilities.

💠 We ensure the availability of our vehicles at airports, guaranteeing travel convenience.

💠 Our offering is accessible through numerous international brokers and on our multilingual website, www.flextogo.com, making it easy for customers from different countries to use our services.

Our monthly subscription rental is a "rent a car" service for 1 to 12 months, available for businesses and individual customers. The flexibility of this option allows for rental, vehicle changes, or service termination at any time. We fully support medium-term rentals, providing a usage fee, a set mileage limit, a valid service check, summer or winter tires, delivery of a replacement vehicle, and a comprehensive insurance package.

Choose Flex To Go and experience travel without compromises. Our company guarantees mobility, comfort, and safety at every journey stage. Discover a new dimension of mobility and explore our wide range of offerings! We welcome you to join our community of satisfied customers!