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Terminal, Katowice***** Show***** Show

Pon - Nie 7:00 - 23:59

Our Flex To Go office is located in Terminal C in the Rent a Car zone. The car park is located in front of Terminal B.

Experience an unforgettable journey with Flex To Go in Katowice!

Pyrzowice Airport, serving travelers worldwide since 1994, continues to gain popularity. Flex To Go ensures tourists' comfort. Our car rental office is located in the airport terminal.

Indulge in the comfort of traveling – choose from various brands and models of cars available in our fleet! Our offer includes cars from practical compact models to spacious SUVs. Thanks to a simple reservation process, you'll save valuable time, and your chosen car will be waiting for you with a full tank, ready for the adventure.

Forget about the limitations of public transportation. With a car rental in Pyrzowice, you set the pace of your journey and decide when and where to stop for sightseeing. All without unnecessary waiting!

Book your vehicle in advance to ensure your trip to Katowice goes smoothly. Discover Katowice with Flex To Go today!


Fast car rental in Katowice? Only Flex To Go

Travel comfortably in Katowice with car rental

Why is it worth traveling with a rented car in Katowice? Well-connected city facilitates car transportation.

Equally important, thanks to the presence of a car rental in Katowice, you can enjoy the benefits of having a car without the actual need to buy it. It's a great solution for people who need to use a vehicle from time to time - for tourism or business purposes. You no longer have to bring your car to Katowice - the selected model, fully fueled, will be waiting for you at the rental.

Establishment Date1865
Surface Area164.71 km2

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