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Winter holidays with a rented car – safe and comfortable


Winter holidays with a rented car – safe and comfortable

Poles love to go on winter holidays. More than half of us go on a trip in winter – mostly to the mountains, but there are also lovers of the sea on cold days among us. What’s the best way to travel during winter holidays? How will a rented car be of use in this context?

What are the best winter holiday destinations?

Poles prefer mountains in winter – no wonder, after all, skiing and snowboarding are very popular in our country. Plus, beautiful views of snow-capped peaks and a hot mountain atmosphere – what more could you want? This does not mean, however, that the mountains are the only attractive winter holiday destination – interestingly, the Polish seaside can also be worth visiting in winter. At this time of year, the sea offers very healthy air, saturated with iodine, which is very beneficial for our respiratory system. Regardless of the destination, it is worth making the journey in a rented car.

A rented car in the mountains – what are its advantages?

First of all, not all of us have a car or a car with boot capacity big enough to contain everything necessary for 5 people on a winter trip. When we are considering a trip for a larger family or a group of friends, we want to plan it and carry it out as cheaply as possible, but also conveniently. A larger rental car makes it much easier. Not only will you travel comfortably, but so will all of your luggage and equipment, e.g., skis, sledges, snowboards etc. Renting a car also gives you flexibility – you can book it in advance for as many days as you want (e.g., 9 days), and you can use the car during this period as you like and need it. 

Secondly, you don’t have to worry about insurance or maintenance fees if you rent a car. In fact, you only need to refuel the car and take care of its technical condition. Renting a car is very simple – all you need to do is pre-book the car online, and you will complete the rest of the formalities in the car rental when you pick up the car. You only need to remember to bring your driving license and ID document with you. 

Thirdly, reaching accommodation facilities in mountain towns (and that is where you most often go on winter holidays) is quite difficult. Public transport often only reaches the main cities and towns, regardless of whether you choose train or coach transport. This means that a significant part of the distance between the stop/station and your place of accommodation will have to be covered on foot, which is not the most convenient solution. Going by car into which you will pack all your luggage and equipment, and which will drive safely up- and down-hill will make the whole project much easier. 

Additional equipment

When travelling with the whole family or a group of friends, it may turn out that there is not enough space in the boot of our private car. If you want to take your skis or snowboard with you, a good solution is to choose a rental car with a spacious roof rack. In this way, you will avoid the embarrassing situation in which luggage disturbs passengers in a comfortable journey, or you simply have to give up some things because there is not enough space. 

Apart from extra luggage compartment, an important additional element of equipment are wheel chains. It is worth asking about them when planning a trip to the mountains. In this way, you will avoid difficulties when travelling, e.g., to accommodation which may be reached only through a very steep slope. A navigation device will also be useful and help you reach the destination of your trip. 

In short, if you are looking for a vehicle that will accommodate all your luggage for the holidays and will enable your loved ones to travel comfortably, rent a car from Flex To Go. We offer cars of various classes (and sizes) and at the same time we care about your comfort and peace of mind, which is why we offer no deductible option, which will free you from additional worries so that you can fully enjoy the holidays.

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