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What should you remember when returning the car to the rental company?


All good things come to an end and that also applies to your car rental. The contract obliges and the car should be returned to where it was arranged. What is worth remembering before that happens? We will explain this further.

Return the car at the appointed time and place

This is one of the most important points in the rental agreement. Unless stated otherwise, the car should be returned to the rental station at the specified time. Do you want to extend the rental or change the place of drop-off of the vehicle? Please inform the rental company about it at least 24 hours before the end of the initial rental period. In this way, we will be able to properly prepare and change the length of the rental according to your expectations. Moreover, if you have chosen the hotel delivery option, then the car shall be picked up from the same place. Remember to return the vehicle during the rental company’s opening hours.

Do not forget to leave the additional equipment

Habits passed over from having a personal vehicle can be tricky. This especially applies to the extra equipment that should remain in the rented car. It may happen that, for instance, a child seat or GPS was left in the office or at home. Therefore, it is better to check that you have everything with you before returning the car to avoid wasting your time. Also, do not forget to take your belongings. Before returning the car, it is worth searching the car for any personal things or luggage that may have been left accidentally.

The cleanliness of the car

While a fairly obvious rule, it is still worth adopting. Whenever possible, the car should be returned to the rental company office in a clean condition. This makes it easier for the rental operator to inspect it. You also need to be aware that if your vehicle is littered or dirty, it may incur additional costs that will be deducted from your deposit.

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Refueling the car as agreed

Upon signing the contract, the rental company determines the level of fuel in the tank. If it is not full, it should be noted. However, if the car is refueled, that would be the amount of fuel that should be in the tank upon drop-off. There is also an option of making the so-called fuel pre-payment, thanks to which you do not have to worry about the amount of fuel left when you return the vehicle. If applicable, the car should also be supplemented with other operating fluids.

Technical condition of the vehicle

At Flex To Go, we appreciate customers who care for rented vehicles. The return of the car alone is not sufficient. The car rental employee must verify that the vehicle is in the same technical condition in which it was handed over to the driver. Therefore, any defects that appear during the car’s use should be reported in advance. Of course, this does not apply to the alterations that are directly related to its exploitation. If the car is dirty and the inspection of the bodywork is not possible, it will be performed at a later time. If the car is not damaged, your deposit will be released according to our terms and conditions. Following the few of the above advices guarantees that the car return will go smoothly.

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