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What are the rules of renting a car with a lower deposit?


One of the important elements of renting a car is a deposit, which is a security for the rental company in case of returning a damaged vehicle or breaking any of the provisions of the contract. However, it is possible to rent a car without blocking the deposit in its nominal amount. What does this involve? What conditions must be met for the car hire company to agree to this type of rental?

What is a deposit (blocking a deposit)?

A deposit, in other words, is a financial security of the car rental company’s interests. Why is it collected? First of all, it allows for obtaining additional payment from the client if, for example, they return the vehicle later than at the agreed time or if there has been a road collision which has resulted in damage to the vehicle. A deposit is therefore a sum paid on account of possible damage. Its amount depends on the class of vehicle. If the rental company requires a deposit, it usually means that the customer must also have an active credit card with available funds equal to the required deposit. Otherwise, the company can refuse the rental. These funds will be blocked for the entire rental period – until the car is returned and inspected. According to the terms and conditions, releasing a deposit does not mean that the rental company will not return with a claim if you conceal defects in the vehicle which have occurred during the rental. At Flex To Go, the deposit is between PLN 2,200 and PLN 5,500, depending on the vehicle model.

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How to rent a car with a lower blocked deposit?

If you want to benefit from a lower deposit, you just need to use a special offer, which will protect your finances as well as the car itself. In our offer, a deposit will be significantly lower, and, in addition, deductible will be completely cancelled. Why is it a good deal? Cancellation of deductible means that if a driver has been at fault for a damage (or if the car is stolen), they are not financially responsible. Exceptions are if the driver was, for instance, under the influence of alcohol or drugs that alter state of consciousness. In addition, our special offer will protect the elements that are most frequently damaged by drivers – windows, mirrors, and tyres. So this is a solution designed for those who will be travelling a lot in their rented car. It is worth buying insurance against additional costs that may arise through no fault of your own, e.g. if a branch falls on the car or an unknown perpetrator scratches the bodywork.

What should you do if a car gets damaged?

If you are involved in a road traffic collision while renting a vehicle, first of all call the police to obtain confirmation of the incident and a preliminary decision as to who caused the collision. Then contact us – our consultant will tell you exactly what to do with the car. If the car is not roadworthy and you have purchased a possibility of using replacement car, you will receive detailed instructions on how to get to it. If you have purchased cancellation of deductible, no deposit will be secured to repair your vehicle. However, this can happen if, for example, the car has been driven by an unauthorised person or if the driver has been under the influence of alcohol.

Reducing deposit amount through our special offer means that you won’t have to prepare correspondingly high amount in your bank account – only a small part of it will be enough, which will serve as security for the rental company. Check the cars available at Flex To Go, book the model of your choice and enjoy your rented car!

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