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Renting a car and going abroad


Renting a car is a convenient way to quickly continue your journey from the airport without the need to use public transport. Sometimes, however, business duties or holiday plans make you want to go abroad. Can you leave the country in a rented car without informing the rental company in advance? 

Can I go abroad in a rented car?

Unauthorised trip abroad in a rented car usually violates the rental GTU. In other words, in such a case the rental company will impose a contractual penalty on you, the amount of which depends on the zone to which you go. The contractual penalty is easy to avoid – just inform the rental company when signing the agreement that you are going to travel, e.g., to Germany. The fee for this option is several times lower than the contractual penalty. In this way, you save yourself unnecessary stress and huge costs. 

At Flex To Go, we enable our clients to travel abroad in the rented car. In the GTU of our rental company, you can find detailed information on this topic. When signing the agreement, please specify the country you want to visit. That’s it! Remember that, according to our price list, we have divided the countries into 3 zones, therefore the fee for travelling to Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be lower than to other countries in the Schengen area or those outside it. Of course, to leave, you need an appropriate document to legally cross the border – in the Schengen area, all you need is an ID card, but for other countries you will need a passport.

Polish driving licence abroad

Since Poland belongs to the European Union, the document confirming the right to drive motor vehicles is valid throughout the entire community. In addition, the Polish driving licence is valid in the EFTA countries, i.e., Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein. What about non-EFTA and EU countries? You have to make sure that the country you are going to visit is a signatory to the Geneva or Vienna Conventions. If so, the best way to legally travel in these countries is to have an international driving licence. How can you get it? All you have to do is submit the appropriate application in advance – an international driving licence is a copy of our national document. Issuing a copy takes 3 business days. You will also have to pay a symbolic fee – at the moment it is PLN 35.50. If you want to cross the border of two countries, you need a separate copy for each of them. It is worth remembering about this fact before you decide to rent a car and go abroad – otherwise, without a valid driving licence, you risk high fines, and the police may also order you to return to Poland. 

Do you want to go abroad in a rented car? Use the services of Flex To Go and book your car online. You will sign a rental agreement on the spot and, in accordance with our GTU, you will be able to travel by car abroad. On site, you will also learn the exact costs of renting a car and additional fees that apply to additional services. 

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