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Is it worth to rent a car for a business trip?


With the pandemic slowly dying down, business trips will once again become common. However, not every company has a car available – so what should you do if you need to travel to another city to meet a potential client, for example? Does a business trip in a rented car make economic sense?

What means of transport should you take from the airport?

Nowadays, the fastest means of transport is a plane – air travel is becoming increasingly cheaper and more comfortable when making business trips, including domestic ones. The nature of business trips means that frequently every moment counts. After landing, you quite often check public transport available, but this may not be suited to your needs.
A taxi from the airport is the last resort if you need to get to a single place. If you have at least a few days and many destinations to reach, a business trip in a rented car will be the most sensible choice.

To be taken seriously by contractors, you cannot be late for meetings – this may be seen as very inappropriate. That’s why you can’t rely on public transport, which can let you down – you are not able to predict traffic jams, and in case of vehicle breakdown, for example, you may be really late. This is why renting is a better solution – you rely only on yourself.

Besides, it is worth paying attention to the class of the vehicle in which you arrive at business meetings. In many industries, a car is a status symbol – but a company does not necessarily have to own one. Renting a car, especially for a short period of time, is a perfect solution when a company wants to limit its expenses and not have to deal with such issues as car insurance or car care.

Business trip by rented car versus costs

Active VAT taxpayers are entitled to deduct 50% of VAT from a car rental invoice if the vehicle is also used for private purposes (if not, VAT deduction amounts to 100%). In the case of settling costs, currently the limit is PLN 150,000 – this amount must be divided by the quotient of the value of the vehicle and the rent (lease fee). Moreover, when using a rented car, you can deduct the cost of petrol, diesel or charges for parking or motorway (75% in case of private purposes, 100% when it is not). It is worth remembering, by the way, that in order to rent a car on company account, you need to provide the company’s basic data when signing the contract. Therefore, a business trip in a rented car is a natural step when the company does not want to buy or lease a vehicle, which is especially not a good idea in a foreign city.

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Business trip in a car rented from Flex To Go

If an employee of your company travels by plane to any major city in Poland, there will be at least several companies offering car rental at airports. Why should you choose Flex To Go? We offer an initial reservation via the Internet, thanks to which an employee will know much earlier which vehicle is waiting for them. If necessary, the company can purchase additional services, such as fuel prepayment and cancellation of deductible. However, that is not all. Flex To Go focuses on transparent principles, thanks to which a business trip in a rented car is a pure pleasure.