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How to rent a car from a rental company – step by step


For those who have never had the opportunity to rent a car, it may seem that the whole process is extremely complicated and that the amount of work to be done does not compensate for the advantages. Honestly, the most important part is choosing a rental company, because this is the first and extremely important step on which a lot depends. Choosing services of a proven company, we can be sure that everything will work out according to our expectations.

What should you pay attention to when renting a car?

First of all, do a market analysis and compare offers of different companies. The choice is quite large, so we must decide whether to choose the offer of large rentals or smaller and thus less popular one. Another important factor is the time for making a decision and the place from which we want to pick up the car.

Early booking is the most advantageous. Firstly, we are not limited by availability of the type or class of car we are interested in, and secondly, the earlier we make a reservation, the lower price we will pay. As far as the place is concerned. If you travel by plane, check whether the selected rental company has its office directly at the airport. This is important because some of the car rental companies charge an additional fee if they have to bring the vehicle at the arrival hall, so choosing the car rental company located at the airport reduces rental cost.

Another aspect is how to account for fuel. A lessee should consider choosing the full-full option, which means picking up the car with a full tank and give it back with a full tank. This is not the only option. Thanks to so-called fuel prepayment, a customer can return the car without a full tank, which is a great solution for those who, for example, have little time and must return the car quickly.

And finally, waiver of deductible. This option provides a great comfort for a driver, so both the skills of the person who will be driving the car as well as the circumstances and place of use must always be taken into account. Minor damage, scratches or other collisions will more likely happen in crowded cities. Waiver of deductible means that the customer does not have to cover the cost of repairing possible defects and, therefore, does not have to claim compensation from anyone.

Step-by-step car rental process

Renting a car is not complicated at all. Observing basic precautions and having analysed personal preferences, the whole procedure will take literally a few moments.

Below is a short step-by-step guide to how to rent a car from a rental company.

  • get acquainted with the market offer,

  • look for a convenient location – if you travel by plane, choose a rental company with its office located at the airport,

  • book your car at the moment of purchasing air tickets or as early as possible,

  • remember that some car rental companies base their activities on brokerage cooperation with, among others, Booking.com or Ryanair, thanks to which the rental procedure is even easier,

  • carefully read the terms and conditions of the reservation and cancellation,

  • ask in detail about the rental price, including all possible additional charges,

  • ask about the possible border crossing, cleaning a dirty car, working hours of the rental company, fuel policy and the documents needed for the reservation,

  • check the optional equipment and look closely at the car, and if there are any deficiencies, ask the employee to write a detailed damage list,

  • ensure that you have a favourable and optimal insurance.

Renting a car is one of the most convenient options for efficient and comfortable travel. But before leaving the car rental company in the car of your choice, you must read the contract point by point and, if in any doubt, explain it immediately, because in this case, the saying “better late than never” is absolutely wrong. Following these guidelines will be a great help, especially for those who will be using this service for the first time.

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