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How much does it cost to rent a car?


Renting a car, whether short- or long-term, is a popular way to enjoy comfortable, tailor-made use of a car without having to own it. However, before you decide to choose a vehicle from our offer, you surely ask yourself: how much does car rental cost? In the following text, we will explain what the final cost of renting a car from Flex To Go depends on

How much does it cost to rent a car – vehicle parameters

The main price component is a type of a car you choose. To put it simply, the bigger and more prestigious the car, the more expensive it will be. For example, if you are interested in an SUV or a vehicle from the Premium segment, renting it will be more expensive than in the case of typical city cars or compact cars, such as KIA Picanto or VW Polo. So pay attention to your needs – both in terms of a number of seats in the car and boot capacity. In Flex To Go, a daily rental fee starts from several dozen PLN.

Moreover, you need to remember about a refundable deposit. To this end, you need a valid credit card with required funds at the moment of renting the vehicle. The amount of the deposit also depends on the class of the vehicle. You can find out about all the fees and amount of a deposit in our detailed terms and conditions.

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Additional accessories – what can you use?

Once you know what the basic cost of renting a car is, it’s time to pay attention to accessories that can be useful during a business trip or a holiday. If you are travelling with children, the car must be equipped with child seats adapted to their age and weight. This is the basis of safety, without which we can not freely go on the road. If you rent a car in winter and plan a trip to the mountains, Flex To Go can provide you with additional wheel chains – thanks to them, there will be no problem with snow or slope. Moreover, you can take advantage of such amenities as GPS or winter tyres.

Options to remember

You’ve chosen your car, you’ve chosen your accessories, and you’re ready to hit the road, but that doesn’t mean that Flex To Go doesn’t have additional options for you to choose from. One option worth paying attention to is fuel prepayment. Purchasing it will allow you to return your car without having to fill up the tank. You can also take out additional cover – full Assistance, accident insurance and cancellation of deductible (available in several versions). These are conveniences that make you feel safe, and also – in the event of a road collision – you won’t be burdened with additional costs or deductions from your deposit. You do not have to buy third party insurance – we will take care of that for you. You can also choose to have the car delivered to the hotel, if necessary.

What else should you keep in mind? If renting a car is connected with:

  • travelling abroad,

  • returning the car in another city/at another airport,

  • including an additional driver in the contract,

you must notify us in advance. Otherwise, you will be charged much more than for the rental itself.

To sum up, if you are wondering how much it costs to rent a car, Flex To Go has great news for you – rental starts from as little as several dozen PLN per day. Book your vehicle today and enjoy the comfortable car that will be waiting for you.

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