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Flex To Go is the car rental company with no hidden fees


Hidden charges are one of the biggest annoyances in using car rental services. Some of us have experienced that abroad, where it is easier to be inattentive and misunderstand the agreement that we are signing. We also often overlook taking a photo of the vehicle and checking its technical condition, which may end up in additional fees upon returning the car. For this reason, it is so important to use the services of a proven company that clearly and fairly presents the costs associated with the rental.

Regulations and GT&C 

The principal documents that are important in the context of the car rental are the service regulations and the GT&C, i.e. the general terms and conditions of car rental. the general car rental terms and conditions and the general conditions of agreements will provide you with all the necessary information and answers to questions that may arise during your rental. These issues may be related to such aspects of the rent as:

  • possibility of going abroad;

  • mileage limitations (it is worth mentioning here that in Flex To Go we do not apply such a limit);

  • possibility of driving the vehicle by another person;

  • guidelines in the event of a road accident;

  • regulations regarding the pick-up and drop-off of the car;

  • options of holding and releasing the security deposit;

  • renter’s obligations;

  • possibility of extending the rental in the course of its duration.

A thorough reading of both documents allows you to understand what terms and conditions apply to the rental. In case of doubt, you can find a rental company employee on site, who you can (and even should!) ask your concerns. The GT&C also include the regulations related to the car use as a part of a short-term rental. It may happen that apart from refueling we may also need to refill the windscreen washer or take care of replacing the bulb if it burns out.

Flex To Go Table of Fees

You do not know how much it costs, for instance, to rent a child seat or to use additional options, such as GPS navigation? Check carefully the table of fees, which is also available on our website. At Flex To Go, we focus on open relationships with our clients, which is why we do not hide fees and clearly inform the customer how much a given service or extra equipment costs.

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You will know all the costs on the spot

With Flex To Go you will learn the basic cost of the car rental on our webpage. You will know the exact amount on the spot, where you can decide on some extras and services (e.g. the fuel pre-payment). This will assure that all the fees are clear and will not change during the rental period.

Are you looking for a trusted company to rent a car for a short or long time? Check what we offer at Flex To Go. We are available at every major airport in Poland. At each location, we offer dozens of car various groups. In this way, you will easily find a vehicle that meets all your expectations, both in terms of the engine power and driving comfort, the luggage and the passenger capacity.