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Does short-term car rental pay off?


Short-term car rental is an increasingly popular solution enabling. 

Fast journeys from the airport to the city and for other purposes. However, does this type of rental really pay off? Is it worth using?

When is it worth renting a car for a short term?

 A business trip or a few days’ vacation – wherever we want to get around safely and quickly, a car is the best possible solution. In fact, there are many possibilities of using a rented car – it is especially worth taking into account when arriving in a foreign city or arriving by plane at a local airport. A pre-booked car will be waiting for you, you can drive it after completing the formalities, which will take you no more than a dozen minutes!

Short-term car rental vs. taxi

Taxis are undoubtedly a convenient way to make short journeys, especially when time is of the essence. However, what cannot be said about them is that they are a cheap means of transport. For the price of one trip, which is often over PLN 50, you can rent a smaller car for one day. The difference is significant – you don’t have to wait for a rented car like for a taxi. In addition, you avoid the risk associated with dishonest taxi drivers who deliberately extend the route (especially in a city you do not know) or inflate prices, which inattentive customers fall for. It is definitely more profitable to use short-term car rental and paddle your own canoe. Then you do not pay attention to the waiting time or the fact that you have to change the route or reach a location outside the city centre. What renting a car gives you is freedom, also in terms of where and when you go, without the need to call a taxi and wait for several or several dozen minutes. 

Short-term car rental vs. public transport

Public transport can actually be cheaper per trip, but that’s its only advantage. If you are pressed for time, you want to reach any place at any time, then rental, even short-term, is definitely a better solution. The public transport timetable is adjusted to the typical rhythm of the day – the highest traffic density occurs during the working week in the morning and in the afternoon. But what if we have to leave almost at dawn or late at night, at the weekend? Public transport is unlikely to be able to help us, and we would be doomed to either arrive very early or very late. Not to mention the fact that public transport does not reach many places, especially when we are talking about smaller towns or the outskirts of large cities. Then only short-term car rental can help and ensure transport on time.

Additionally, there is the question of luggage that you have to take with you. Travelling by bus or tram in rush hours with full bags is not the most pleasant experience. In the case of rental, the luggage lands in the boot and you do not have to worry about it. It is a very convenient solution, regardless of whether you are going to a business meeting or travelling as a tourist. The rented car will be available to us throughout the rental period and you will be able to forget about unfavourable timetable. 

Owned vs. rented car

If you own a car that is used once in a while, it is worth considering whether a short-term car rental will not be a better solution. Why? You drive only when it is necessary, e.g., running important errands or going to business meetings, and then you return the car to the rental company. Then you do not have to worry about such aspects of car ownership as tyre change, insurance premium or – when you use fuel fee – about refuelling before returning it. All formalities are dealt with by the rental company, and you use the car when you want. 

Are you looking for a car for a couple of days? Check out short-term car rental at Flex To Go! You will find our outlets in many large Polish cities and at the most important airports across the country. See what cars are waiting for you. 

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