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Car rental with no mileage limit


Some car rental companies include important information in the rental agreement – the mileage limit which the renter cannot exceed. This means that the use of the car is not 100% free – the limit may apply to both long-term and short-term rentals. Is it possible to rent a car without such a limit? How does a car rental without a mileage limit look like?

What is the mileage limit?

As you can easily see, the mileage limit means that you are limited when travelling and you cannot move freely on the roads. This is especially true for longer trips, when you need to leave your city or make more trips in a short time. If you exceed the mileage limit, the rental company will charge an additional fee. In the case of a few kilometres, it will not be a high charge (usually the fee is less than PLN 1 per kilometre), but if you have to significantly extend your travel for various reasons, it may turn out that you will have to pay a lot more. As a result, the rental will no longer be profitable. However, you will not have to watch the limit if you rent a car for a short time and you only plan to drive within one city – then it is difficult to even approach the imposed mileage limit or exceed it. Rental companies usually impose this limit for short-term rentals. If you do not want it, it is worth considering renting a car with no mileage limit. In some cases, it may seem that renting a car without a mileage limit is more expensive, but in the long run, the difference in the price per day is small. 

What does car rental with no mileage limit consist in? 

This is a very simple rule – the rental company with which you conclude the agreement does not include the mileage limit in it (neither daily nor predetermined for the entire rental period). That’s it! Thanks to this, you can enjoy great freedom to get around the city, but also outside it. If you are planning a longer holiday and do not want to have limits imposed, then definitely choose the FlexRent car rental with no mileage limit. Just pre-book your car through our website and then sign the rental agreement at one of our offices. That will be all! The car of the class selected by you will be waiting for you at the location of your choice. 

Car rental with no mileage limit is also a perfect solution for companies that want to quickly and cheaply expand their fleet of vehicles by renting cars. It not only significantly reduces the costs of maintaining company cars, but also enables its employees to work freely – also during a business trip. It facilitates the planning of company costs also because long-term rental for companies is a more advantageous solution than leasing. After all, as a company, you only need to refuel the car and pay for the rental – car maintenance, its possible further sale or purchase of insurance is the responsibility of the rental company. 

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