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Car rental during Covid-19 pandemic


Car rental during Covid-19 pandemic

The current situation with continuing coronavirus pandemic causes anxiety among many people. The restrictions introduced by the government and personal fears mean that we avoid contact with strangers, we try to keep social distance and we spend much more time at home than before. Is it safe to rent a car in such circumstances?

A rented car and coronavirus

Even though our lives have changed a lot in the past months, some aspects have remained the same. Even though we do it a bit less often, we still travel on business, go on holiday or weekend trips outside the city, and also run many errands in our place of residence – we commute to work, go shopping, pick up children from school or kindergarten, these are elements of everyday life that we cannot eliminate. At the same time, we are afraid of using public transport, buses and trains. In addition, many travel connections have been suspended for the duration of the pandemic.
People who do not have their own car can cover short distances on foot or, for example, by bike, but longer distances will be troublesome. Changeable autumn weather can also be the source of problems. In such a situation, short-term rental will be a good solution – renting a car for a business trip or for getting around the city is much safer and more convenient than using public transport, where a large number of passengers and problems with regular disinfection increase the risk of infection not only with coronavirus, but also with other seasonal diseases. It is also less risky and much cheaper than regular use of taxis, which are used by dozens of people every day.

Security above all else

Car rental owners are aware of the present circumstances and make efforts to ensure that car rental and its subsequent use is safe. Our clients can be sure that all Flex To Go vehicles are disinfected before they are handed over to the next user. Specifically, those elements that are most often touched by the driver and passengers are thoroughly cleaned, that is: the steering wheel, door handles, seat belts, keys, gear lever and handbrake, or turn signal and wiper levers. Our clients are also served in compliance with all safety measures – the rental employees comply with the rules of the sanitary regime, using protective masks or helmets during contacts with the clients. Most things can be done online, while signing agreements and picking up cars are planned in such a way that there are not too many people in the rental company at the same time. We make every effort to ensure that every client feels safe with us and can safely survive this difficult time for us all.

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