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Does long-term car rental pay off?


Does long-term car rental pay off?

Do you want to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the car, but you do not want to deal with the formalities and technical matters associated with it? Contrary to appearances, there is such a solution – it is a long-term car rental for individuals. However, does car rental pay off? When is it worth using?

Long-term car rental for individuals

In what situations will long-term rental pay off? It is worth renting a car in a situation where you cannot afford to buy it for cash or under a bank loan, which is often subject to many conditions. It is currently difficult to imagine life without a car, both in large cities and in smaller towns, often poorly connected by public transport. Travelling by public transport or taxi-type transport is either subject to waiting for a ride or expensive and justified only in emergencies. The car you pay for as part of the rental is available to you all the time. you can drive it to work, on holiday, or make a business trip – all you have to do is to refuel it and keep it clean.

Long-term rental for individuals is also a manifestation of environmentally friendly attitude. First of all, you use the car when we actually need it – e.g., during a long trip to another city. When the rental period is over, the car “returns” to the market and can be used again. Therefore, there is no need to produce a new car, which is important in times dominated by consumerism.

Does car rental pay off?

If you want to avoid the costs associated with owning a car, its sale or insurance, and you want to change the car every year or two, long-term rental is the perfect solution. When using your own car, you are exposed to unexpected costs, e.g., repair, tyre change, purchase of insurance that slipped your mind and the like. Renting a car helps you stabilise the monthly costs associated with the car.

In this way, you are also not bound to the car for an indefinite period of time, you do not have to worry about its insurance or – in the case of some contracts – e.g., tyre change and technical inspections. In addition, renting a car gives you the opportunity to enjoy a much newer car – at Flex To Go we make sure that you have at your disposal the latest models in the selected class.

How much does long-term car rental cost?

The price of rental depends on several factors. The basic one is the class of the car. For obvious reasons, renting a small city car is cheaper than renting an SUV. Another important aspect of the price of rental per day is the length of the rental period. The longer the rental, the lower its price. In this way, the rental of, for example, a Volkswagen Polo starts from about PLN 50 gross per day – in the case of a 7-day rental in Warsaw. For higher-class cars, the price may be higher.

If you are wondering how much long-term rental costs, it is best to contact our car rental. Before starting the rental, you will learn everything about the terms of use of the car and all additional options (including waiver of deductible or fuel fee), thanks to which you have a fully operational and insured car that you can use as you please. It is ultimately a cheaper solution than leasing and buying your own car with a loan, for example because of the greater flexibility of the contract itself.

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